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The launch of the Galaxy Note 10 is upon us and people are getting excited. There have been a number of leaked press renders already so most of us know what to expect from it (design-wise). We’re just waiting for the official announcement so that we know exactly what Samsung is releasing when it comes to its specs.

I hope to see a lot of you pre-ordering the device. I will be purchasing the Exynos Galaxy Note 10+ from a reseller on eBay so that I can easily unlock the smartphone. Any enthusiast interested in the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+ should consider this as an option. At least this is a good idea for those of us who are in the United States (like myself).

I will be cataloging a number of different tips, tricks, and useful resources for everyone with a Galaxy Note 10 series smartphone.

  • Galaxy Note 10 Hole Punch Cutout Wallpapers
  • Basic Tips (Boot Modes, Factory Resets)
  • Advanced Tips (Unbricking, Magisk, TWRP)
  • Much More!

I hope to help those in the community no matter what their technical skill level is. This is why you’ll see most tutorials accompanied by an embedded video so that I can walk you through the entire process. I can’t reply to every comment or answer every question, but I am happy to help when I can. If there’s a demand for it, I may open up a Patreon for direct technical help.

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