Galaxy Note 10 Download Mode

As previously shown, there are some special boot modes available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. All of these smartphones have what is called a Download Mode which we use to transfer Android system images to it. Not everyone will need to do this but knowing how it’s done can be useful.

Similar to the tutorial I wrote up that detailed how to boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 into Recovery Mode, Download Mode is something I recommend Samsung smartphone owners know about. That is, assuming you want to know how to repair the software in case something bad or unexpected ever happens to it.

Just like with keeping multiple (and frequent) backups, it’s something you hope you never need to do but are happy if you ever need them.

There are a number of things we can do with the Galaxy Note 10 series while in Download Mode. I don’t want to overwhelm you here though and will just focus on showing you how you can access this special boot mode in case you ever need to.

How to Boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 into Download Mode?

  1. Power down the smartphone
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons
  3. Then immediately insert a USB cable
  4. Continue holding the two volume buttons down until you boot into Download Mode

Now, I should note that the USB cable needs to be connected to a PC and that PC has to be booted and logged in. Samsung smartphones weren’t always this way though and they used a button combination to get you into Download Mode. This changed with the removal of the hardware Home button and the company adopted a new method with its Bixby button layout.

What if I Don’t Have a USB Cable?

I mean, the only reason to boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 into Download Mode is to transfer some Android system files from the PC to the smartphone. So if you don’t have a USB cable then you don’t really have the need to boot into Download Mode. However, Samsung has still provided you another way.

As shown in the video above, you can actually boot the Galaxy Note 10 into Recovery Mode first and then tell it to boot over to Bootloader Mode. Bootloader Mode is another name for Fastboot Mode (similar to how Download Mode is another name for Odin Mode) but Samsung doesn’t use Fastboot (instead, it uses Odin).

So when we tell the Galaxy Note 10 to boot into Bootloader from Recovery then we are taken to Download Mode.

This secondary method is actually perfect for anyone with a Note 10 or Note 10+ that do not have functional volume buttons.

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