Samsung is an incredibly popular smartphone company (one of the biggest in the world) and each year they release two different high-end series smartphones. After the Galaxy Note 9 was released, the company held a developer conference where they detailed the types of camera cutouts they were preparing to use for the future.

Most were various shapes of the traditional notch that we’ve been seeing but the Infinity O style showed they were willing to cut a hole right through the smartphone screen. Since then, we started to see a number of other companies pushing out phones with these “hole punch” style camera cutouts. But it wasn’t until Samsung released the Galaxy S10 series that a trend started forming.

Until this point, there have been various users using cleverly positioned wallpapers to help blend the notch into the bezel of the smartphone. Some OEMs have even added in features to extend the Status Bar lower in order to help hide the notch. This isn’t as easily done with wallpapers though which is why they used specific types of wallpapers (such as AMOLED black).

Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ Follow in the Footsteps

After the community embraced the camera hole cutout of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ we have a template for the Galaxy Note 10 series. Again, the community has come together on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to share their works with the world. Some have said the hole-punch camera is ugly but the community is happy to show it off.

So instead of leaving all of those creations to be lost to time, I have begun to catalog and archive them for the community. I am not taking credit nor do I claim ownership of any wallpaper that gets published here on I am merely offering the community a service as my way of giving back.

Now Things Stay Organized

With a website in place, I can gather up as many custom wallpapers for these smartphones as possible. I’ve pulled the majority from the subreddit (since it has become the hub of the trend), but I have also pulled a lot from Twitter, Facebook, and personal submissions (directly emailed to me). At the start, I was able to write a creative name for the wallpaper, give it a few sentences for context and even added in some tags for even more organization.

I am unable to keep up with the tags or writing about each of them now though. There are just too many. The best that I can do is go through as many as I can find, save the new ones that I can find, and upload/publish them here on the website. I am, however, able to add more to the website (so I can keep up better) while also making sure to give credit where credit is due.

You can still search for what you want (star wars is a popular search term) and get nothing but results for that particular franchise. You can also tap/click on one of the categories (Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, or Galaxy S10e) and find wallpapers that are made for your device. I do hope to be able to expand upon what the website offers in the future.

That will depend entirely on if I am able to turn the website into a viable service to the community. It’s easy to create a website but it takes work to keep it fresh, to add new content, and to pay the hosting bills. I certainly have confidence that it will be able to stand on its own two legs but that depends on a number of factors.

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